Vox Folks (also known as Choir People) – Introduction


♫  VOX FOLKS  ♫ by Anne J. Brown

Welcome to the St. Stephen’s Choir and Music Ministry column, a venue for meeting choir members and other musicians, learning about the music being offered in the church and – who knows – maybe sparking an interest in joining us!

Each week, we’ll introduce one of the music makers, share an audioclip or two and show some pictures.

To start off, meet our mascot, the Gospel Bear:

How did Gospel Bear become the choir mascot?  Well, some time ago when we were practising a communion hymn, we noticed that while the sopranos sang, “the gospel we bear,” the altos, tenors and basses sang of “the gospel bear;” thus was the little guy recognized and ushered into our midst.

You see him pictured above, near organist and choir director Jeff’s gold organ shoes, the story of which will be told in a future newsletter.

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