This Week October 23

Usually “This Week” refers to the week to come. Otherwise this column would be called “Last Week”.  But this week some of us are still basking in something that happened last week—a stunning performance by our choir at the Choral Worship Service of the Calgary Organ Festival held last Sunday at Grace Presbyterian Church.

Our small choir was among a half dozen that made up a mass choir comprising over a hundred voices. Jeff had been rehearsing the choir since September, leading them, encouraging them, as they navigated their way through the complex vocal harmonies of a contemporary anthem. When
the moment came for their solo performance, they stood shoulder to shoulder with some of the best choirs in the city and delivered a moving rendition of Allan Bevin’s “Hide They Face”, a musical interpretation of Psalm 51. To say they did us proud would be understatement.

But it was not only the quality of the music. It was the vitality of this parish-in-microcosm and the exuberance of their rapport. Following the service our choir celebrated back in the dressing room with plates of food and the popping of corks (yes, in a Presbyterian church no less!) and were the last to leave the building. Which served to showcase how St. Stephen’s’ folks tend to do things—with enthusiasm!

We are grateful to Jeff and to the hard-working members of our choir. They not only inspire us musically in our worship every Sunday, they enliven us with their spirit.

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