This Week October 30

Once a month Anglicans across the country catch up with one another through the pages of The Anglican Journal, our national newspaper. But Anglicans are a diverse bunch and the catching up is
often fractious … as befits a human family of sinners and saints.

In this month’s edition, for instance, along with the feature on a local deacon simulating three months of homelessness, and an insert on the Church’s presence in the Canadian military, were the usual cranky letters to the editor. For the moment we seem to have stemmed the tide of propagandist diatribes against same-sex blessings, but you have to love a feisty readership that always finds something to rail against. Put two Anglicans in a room and you’ve got three opinions.

Folded into the Anglican Journal is our diocesan newspaper, The Sower. Although its focus is local, its range is no less wide. A recent front page article highlights the work of Spiritual Directions, the open-minded personal growth centre operating out of St. Stephen’s’ rectory. But an article inside the paper promotes “Mere Anglicans”, a new fellowship of old-fashioned believers who “stand on the scriptures as God’s divinely inspired revelation of himself and therefore authoritative in all matters of life and the church …” We’re all represented here, the high and spooky, the low and kooky, and everything in between.

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