This Week at St. Stephen’s–November 27, 2011


We in the modern Western world are not used to waiting. We are used to getting what we want, when we want. This may be one underlying reason for our recent financial crisis, our willingness to place
ourselves in great debt in order to have what we want—houses, cars, fancy vacations—and to have it now!

The season of Advent, which we enter this week, is an antidote to our acquisitive ways. It is a time when nothing happens … but that we wait. And as we wait, we make our preparations. We look to the future, when our hopes will be fulfilled, and we get ourselves ready for that day.

In modern Western culture this takes the form of getting ready for Christmas. We decorate our homes, we do our Christmas shopping and our Christmas baking, we make plans to celebrate with family and friends. But at a deeper level we are rehearsing something far more profound. We are looking to the day when God’s reign will be made known on earth, when peace and justice will replace warfare and greed, when the earth is reborn and the intentions of its Creator are fulfilled.

To miss this season of preparation is to risk rushing headlong into a future of our own making, a future stuffed with our own worldly desires but devoid of God’s rich blessings. The best things in life are worth waiting for. So we welcome Advent with eager anticipation. The best is yet to come.



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