Book Club: ” Bad Medicine”

Our discussion on February 5th was very well attended– forty-eight parishoners joined our deliberations. John Brownlee started off with a brief summary of the book, and a bit of background. Anne Brown followed up with some of her experiences on the bench, and Bob Beaty gave us some insight into his gathering of material for the Calgary Herald articles. There was a lively discussion after, with input from some educators and some family members of former students of residential schools. Unfortunately, our time slot did not allow for full discussion of the issues, and several people approached me afterwards to indicated that we should discuss this further.

I, too, feel that the issues of justice, dysfunction of the reserve system of government, and the poverty on the reserves deserves much further discussion and action. If there is sufficient interest, we will have re-visit these issues, perhaps an evening, with some more guest experts.

Meanwhile, check out Spiritual Directions upcoming workshop, dealing with Restorative Justice. Read more. Discuss it with your riding candidate in the upcoming provincial election. We need to bring this issue forward, as it is both a federal and provincial jurisdiction issue, and we are the taxpayers footing the bill. Just a thought.
Heather Walker

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