This Week at St. Stephen’s–September 09, 2012


In the 1989 film Field of Dreams, novice farmer Ray Kinsella hears a voice saying, “If you build it, he will come.” Seeing the vision of a baseball diamond, he interprets the message literally and ploughs under part of his corn field to make way for a professional sized diamond. Against all odds, and against common sense itself, when he completes the field, Shoeless Joe Jackson appears, along with seven other long-dead players from the 1919 Chicago Black Sox.

The reference, “If you build it, they will come,” has often been quoted by people who want to justify hair-brained schemes. But one such scheme seems not to be so crazy. When it comes to church growth, if you staff it, they will come … meaning, provide the staffing for a particular demographic—children, youth, seniors—and that demographic will show up at your door … and they will stay.

Such was our thinking when we engaged a volunteer nursery coordinator for the coming year and hired two trained nursery caregivers. Charmaine Evans, our new Coordinator, is a member of St. Stephen’s with a wealth of experience in childcare, and specifically in church nurseries. Eunice Neba is a professional childcare worker with autistic children; Roberta Villaverde is a student in Early Childhood Education at Bow Valley College.

So this week we open our Sunday nursery for a new season, returning to its original location down in the Bethlehem Room, where we will take great pleasure in welcoming our church’s youngest members.

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