This Week at St. Stephen’s–September 16, 2012


Anyone who has lived it knows that the spiritual life is painful. As all vestiges of ego and self-interest are stripped away it feels like a kind of dying, like a seed being planted in the dark and soulful depths. But—as we Christians believe—on the other side of death is the most exquisite life; on the other side of planting is the most beautiful flowering.

We see this movement—from death to new life—in the stories of the prophets and patriarchs, in the Passion of our Lord, in the lives of the saints, and in the present-day experience of seekers everywhere. It is the story we will hear on Thursday, September 27, when Jennifer Mason shares her harrowing journey with us in Waking Up, an inspirational event co-sponsored by St. Stephen’s and the Wisdom Centre.

With music provided by the Soul Food Band, and a preview of art from the Midtown Mosaic, Jennifer will recount the spiritual path that led her from faithful Christian and promising Mezzo Soprano, to rheumatoid arthritis sufferer and shunned cult member, to a radiant artist and seeker of wisdom, an inspirational speaker who encourages others on their own spiritual paths.

Jennifer’s presentation will be illustrated by her own art work, some of which will be for sale at the Midtown Mosaic which follows on the Friday and Saturday. Tickets for this event are $20 and are available online (visit our web site for details: or at the door. Don’t miss it.

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