This Week at St. Stephen’s–September 30, 2012


Yesterday, September 29th, our new bishop, The Right Reverend Greg Kerr-Wilson, was installed at a ceremony at the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer. As of tomorrow, October 1st, he will formally take up office as the 9th Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Calgary.

The office of bishop is one of three historic “orders” of the Church, comprising deacons, priests and bishops. While there have been exceptions, ordinarily priests are chosen from the ranks of deacons, and bishops are chosen from the ranks of priests. But in this case, Greg is already a bishop, having been consecrated to that office in 2006 for the Diocese of Qu’Appelle in Saskatchewan where he has served since then.

When a bishop moves from one jurisdiction to another, he or she is said to have been “translated”. The service of Installation means that he is properly received by the diocese—by literally being “seated” in the bishop’s chair (also known as the bishop’s stall or throne) which resides at the cathedral.

In most parish churches one seat is set aside in the sanctuary as the bishop’s chair, reminding the congregation that, even in his absence, the bishop has authority as our chief pastor and guardian of the faith. (Oddly, at St. Stephen’s we have two such chairs, which sit opposite each other, at either side of the chancel.)

As the Diocese welcomes Bishop Greg, we at St. Stephen’s look forward to meeting him and getting to know him, and to continue serving God together.

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