This Week at St. Stephen’s–October 07, 2012


This week we saw the sudden turning of the seasons. After one glorious week of autumnal splendour, the wind whipped up and came down out of the north, stripping the trees of their leaves and bringing a dash of early snow. We may still have a warm day here and there, but without question winter has come.

At St. Stephen’s, following a swirl of late summer activity, we now turn inward to the programs that will sustain us through the darkening days. On Thursdays we follow the lives of the saints at our mid-morning Eucharist. Reading from a modern-day compendium of saints’ days, memorials and commemorations, and adding our own commentary, we are reminded, as the prayer book says, that we indeed are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.

On Wednesdays at 6 we gather in the sanctuary to learn and encourage one another in the ways of meditation. This one-hour session is divided into three parts: a reflection on meditation and the practice of mindfulness; a twenty-minute silent meditative sit; and open conversation about the spiritual life in general. For some this has become an important cornerstone of their spiritual practice. For others it is a way of exploring a new facet of their faith.

The Company of Men continues to meet the second Saturday of each month and a women’s spiritual support group is in the works as well. So come in closer to the fire. There is warmth and friendship here for the wintry days ahead.

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