This Week at St. Stephen’s–October 14, 2012


Today is the first Sunday in St. Stephen’s six-week Stewardship Campaign that will run until November 18.  The Stewardship Campaign can be a time to reflect on how we make our faith concrete in the way we live our lives, in how we make choices to use our time, skills and financial resources.

This year, we’re trying out some changes to make St. Stephen’s Stewardship Campaign an opportunity for spiritual growth and deepening community.  Our worship during the six weeks will be based on themes of God’s call to each of us, and our own response to that call.  We are asking several parishioners to tell their stories of the positive contribution this community has brought into their lives, and we hope that hearing their stories will make us all a little more aware of the blessings we give and receive from one another.  We are also taking time to reflect more deeply on what God is calling us towards as a community, and how to make strategic decisions in using the resources of the parish to respond to God’s call.  Rather than expecting parishioners to support the Church out of duty, we’re excited to have a campaign focused on the wonderful positive impact St. Stephen’s makes in our own lives, and the wider community.

God calls us into joy and into service with one another, for the good of the whole world: your investment in St. Stephen’s of your time, skills and financial resources brings this call to life.

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