This Week at St. Stephen’s–December 02, 2012


A very heartfelt Thank You to everyone in the congregation for deepening your commitment to St. Stephen’s for 2013.  We have received 82 pledges to date, a 55% increase over pledges received last year, which is a huge help to us in planning for 2013.  We are excited to say that 30% of you increased your contributions, and that 18 pledges (22%) are from folks who have not pledged to St. Stephen’s before!  We are seeing a significant increase in the overall financial contribution to St. Stephen’s: our raw total is up by 11% over last year, and rising with every new pledge received!

At the same time, this Stewardship Campaign has always been about more than money.  It is about living together in community, about how much we mean to one another and to the wider community.  We thank you for the trust and confidence you are showing in our lives together, by making and increasing your pledges.  And your other contributions are enormously important as well: the time you spend serving coffee on Sundays, or cooking breakfast at the Inn on Saturday mornings; your gentle welcome to newcomers, and your invitations to Dinners for 8 or to join the Choir; your care for one another in bad times, and your applause after the organ postlude.  Your financial pledges for 2013 give St. Stephen’s stability and opportunity, but it is you yourselves, it is your participation that makes St. Stephen’s a truly rich community

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