This Week at St. Stephen’s–January 13, 2013


We are getting ready for some big changes this year at St. Stephen’s. Here is an update on our renovation plans:

  • We are in the midst of an environmental (hazardous materials) assessment of our buildings. If any materials are found that must be removed, that work must be completed before renovation can begin.
  • We are preparing to go to tender at the end of this month (January). The projected start time for the elevator and washrooms is mid-April; the sanctuary renovations are projected to begin in May/June.
  • Our preliminary estimates put us approximately $225,000 behind what we’ll need to accomplish the entire scope of work. A final financial appeal will be made to the congregation after the firm costs come in through the tender process. Thereafter any shortfalls will be dealt with by removing or revising portions of the renovation plan.
  • Grant applications have gone out to three funding sources—the federal and provincial Jan 13governments (each of which offer support for projects that will enhance the community) and the Anglican Foundation—with a third request being prepared for the Diocese.
  • Completion of the work is slated for September (hopefully by Start-up Sunday).
  • Plans are underway to introduce local arts and culture groups to our renovation plans to elicit their interest in St. Stephen’s as a rentable venue for the arts.
  • We are continuing to work with the City to explore funding options for the redevelopment of our Memorial Hall as arts “incubation space”.

All in all, an exciting year ahead!

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