This Week at St. Stephen’s–February 03, 2013


Feb 03Churches rely on the faith and generosity of their members. The clergy have their role—providing spiritual care and leadership. The staff offer administrative and program support. But it is the members who do the “work” of a church, contributing their time and energy, their vision and passion, their money and their expertise.

We at St. Stephen’s are blessed with many active members. It is their work that lends our church its character, its ministry in the world, and its reputation in the wider community. Inn From the Cold would be an obvious example, with its overflowing roster of willing workers.

But there are so many others: Maureen Jones and our Radio Nights program; Jill Coggins and the many outreach projects she has coordinated; Ginny Binder and our Midtown Mosaic; Marion Gibson and our Stampede Breakfast; Tom Clarke and his fall book sellers; Marilyn Nettleton and her coffee hosts; Ron Daley our volunteer Verger; all the members of our Chancel Guild, Choir, and Sidespeople who serve so faithfully week after week.

And even with that, the list is not complete. Just climb the stairs to our office any day of the week to see even more! Get involved in the Open Doors Chapel Ministry, or the Feed the Hungry Dinner, or our Excellent Adventure program, and meet many of your fellow parishioners. Meet even more at our Dinners for Eight.

This week, as we prepare for our upcoming AGM, once again we honour and thank our many active members: you!

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