This Week at St. Stephen’s–February 10, 2013


Feb 10This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of the Transfiguration, known as the high point of Jesus’ ministry.  In the Harry Potter series, transfiguration means turning something into something else, but in the biblical story, Jesus is not turned into something else – he is revealed as who he is, the beloved of God.  The upcoming changes to our worship space may feel very dramatic – but we are not turning into something that we are not already.  Our community has a strong instinct for innovation, and a high tolerance for creativity, change and risk in worship; our worship space renewal is a revealing of that deeper identity to the wider community.  And it may take some time for us to get comfortable in a skin that fits us better and gives us more room to play.

And after his Transfiguration, Jesus walked down the mountain looking exactly as he did before.  Today we are celebrating the baptisms of Megan and Noella, and they won’t look any different when we’re done either.  But today, we name them and see them as they really are, beloved children of God, and we remember that it’s true for every single one of us.  Through all the dark times that can come in this life, we need reminders of who we really are, deep down: beautiful, beloved children of God.  And we need healthy communities who keep believing in us.  So thanks to Megan and Noella for revealing this truth today as we prepare to be transfigured.

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