This Week at St. Stephen’s–February 17, 2013


Feb 17This week we see a changing of the guard in the leadership of St. Stephen’s. We recognize again how blessed we are by the gifts and resources of our membership.

Four members of Parish Council stepped down at last week’s Annual General Meeting: Jill CoggIns, Craig Melton, Craig Mushens, and Emma Westcott. All were part of our attempt to revitalize Parish Council this past year by having individual members each take responsibility for one “cluster” of parish ministries. They are replaced by four newly elected members: Grant Broadhurst, Janine Mitchell, Jackie Mootoo, and Rob Roach.

Neil Miller will step down as Rector’s Warden this year, but not just yet. Gary McCone was to have taken his place as Neil ended his term, but Gary moved away in November. So Neil will now remain until the summer when former People’s Warden Louise Redmond will return to fill out Gary’s term as our new Rector’s Warden, that is, until 2015.

Meanwhile we are pleased to announce that at our AGM Mary Lou Flood was elected Deputy People’s Warden. She will serve as deputy for a year and then follow People’s Warden Dariel Bateman who now enters the second year of her two-year term.

Jack Walker has accepted reappointment as Treasurer and also as the Co-Chair, along with his wife Heather Walker, of our Open Doors Campaign. Keith Moe and Louise Redmond continue as co-chairs of BRAG, our Building Renewal Action Group.

See? We are well blessed by the leadership of our Parish!

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