This Week at St. Stephen’s–February 24, 2013


Feb 24This week (though not in time for this writing) we will have received the contract bids for our renovation work. By next week we will likely be back in campaign mode, approaching the parish once again for its financial support, and cutting back on the overall scope of the project.

We can say this with confidence because in spite of our care in costing out the project and our diligence in raising over $1 million from parishioners, none of us on BRAG have any experience of bids ever coming in under the original estimates … or renovation projects coming in on time, for that matter. So we are preparing for this next round of adjustments before the contract is awarded and the work begins.

Our hope is that work on the elevator, the new washrooms, and the exterior accessibility ramp will begin immediately after Easter. This will make things messy but it will allow us to continue worshiping in the church and working in the offices.

Work on the church itself should begin in May and at that time we will move our worship down into the lower Memorial Hall. Think of it as a kitchen renovation that requires a family to eat its meals down in the basement for a while: a temporary break from routine that makes everyone appreciate even more the routine itself.

God willing (and the creek don’t rise) we will all be back in our new digs by Start-up Sunday, September 8th. Or by Christmas.

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