Renovation Corner: May 12th

A difficult decision this week.

After the plans had been drawn up for the lower level washrooms, to be situated beneath the narthex, it came to our attention that some people in the congregation would miss the convenience of a main floor washroom, in particular, seniors and people with mobility issues. So we found the money elsewhere in the budget to demolish the present washroom and recreate a fully accessible main floor washroom in its place.

But at a site meeting with the builder last week we heard concerns about hazardous materials in the ceiling of the hallway outside the Canterbury Room. Left alone, no hazard presents itself. But disturbed, as it would be in the building of a new washroom, the entire ceiling would have to be replaced … doubling the cost.

Without minimizing the convenience of a main floor washroom, we did not see where the money would come from to proceed. So regretfully we have had to let it go. The present washroom will be taken out (the space is needed to accommodate the entrance to the elevator) but a new one will not be built. We hope that, in the end, the stairs and the elevator will provide ample access for everyone to the washrooms downstairs.

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