This Week at St. Stephen’s–May 19, 2013


May 19Pentecost is about new life. And not simply life unfolding before us, as we witness in our gardens every springtime. But life unfolding within us, as we feel the rejuvenation of new directions and new possibilities.

The disciples had no idea what was happening when, like the rush of a mighty wind, the Holy Spirit came suddenly upon them, sending them out into the streets to witness to God’s power. It is from this point on that they were no longer called “disciples”, a passive term, but “apostles” or “those who are sent out”. While Jesus had sent them out many times during his earthly ministry, now they were being sent out—compelled—from the inside, from the Spirit of Jesus residing within them.

And so with us. Clara will be ordained to the priesthood this afternoon, “sent out” to preach the Good News, to preside at the Holy Table, and to care for God’s People. As much as she will always be part of us, she is being set apart for a particular mission and ministry, one that will take her wherever God calls her.

Our congregation is experiencing such a “sending out” these days too. We have left our beloved church while it is undergoing renovations. We are worshiping below in the church hall like a people on a journey. When we return, sometime in the early fall, we will be in a strange new land, with new directions and new opportunities—wherever the Spirit will lead us.

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