Renovation Corner: May 19 2013

We tend to think of our renovations as a personal matter. We are updating our buildings to support our new directions in ministry and mission. So we might be a little surprised when the media take a sudden interest, as they did this past week.

The selling off of our pews has turned out to be a bit of a witness in its own right. All week we have been fielding calls from the media about our upcoming sale, about why we’re doing it, about what it means. And each time, we have an opportunity to tell our story once again … of St. Stephen’s, of what Go seems to be doing here, and of our attempt to find new ways of being the church in the world.

But the media is not the only way the world has been taking an interest. We have now received a pledge from a former member, who came to St. Stephen’s with his mother back in the 1940’s, and who wants to “gift” us with a refurbished sacristy as part of our renovations.

So the word is out. There’s something happening at St. Stephen’s. And we, by the grace of God, are privileged to be a part of it!

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