Renovation Corner–July 21, 2013

Our Renovations continue to move forward with excellent progress being made.  For those who have passed by the church in the past week you will have noticed the large hole that has been dug in front of the main entrance for the installation of the new water and sewer lines.  In addition, while we had been cautioned by Enmax that the recent flooding in Calgary would result in a delay of several months in Enmax being able to commence work at St. Stephen’s, we have now been told that Enmax expects to be able to be on site this coming week which is very good news.

Many will also have noticed that the shrubs and flowers have been removed from the flowerbed adjacent to the Canterbury Room entrance.  This was necessary in order to accommodate the new entrance ramp.  What we did not want to lose however were the beautiful vines on the west-facing wall adjacent to the Canterbury Room entrance.  BRAG is therefore in the process of refining the design of the new entrance ramp to ensure that these vines are able to remain in place.

The rolls of new marmoleum flooring have been delivered and the new flooring should be installed in the coming week.  As well, the chairs that will replace the pews have been ordered.   The finished chairs will be delivered to the church by truck; however, the unloading of the chairs into the church is not included in our cost.   Therefore, when the time comes, we will be looking for 30 volunteers to unload the chairs from the delivery truck into the church.   Anyone who is interested in volunteering for this should please contact Jean Springer for details.

Stay tuned … more updates on our progress to come!

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