Renovation Corner–July 28, 2013

Jan 13The installation of the new flooring has been underway this past week.  The Labyrinth piece of the new flooring has been ordered and will be installed in the main floor area of the Nave.  As well, one bank of the new theatre lighting is now in place in the ceiling of the Nave, with the two remaining banks to be installed shortly.

As last reported, BRAG had been concerned about a delay of potentially a considerable amount of time in the Enmax work due to the Calgary flooding (which would have then delayed a number of other elements of the renovations).  While flooding issues in Calgary did result in some delay in Enmax being able to get to the work at St. Stephen’s, BRAG is pleased to report that Enmax has now commenced work at St. Stephen’s.

Although not the most glamorous part of the project, our expanded sewer facilities are now in place and work is proceeding full speed ahead on the new lower level washrooms.  More to come on the progress on the washrooms and other lower level elements of the project in the coming weeks.

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