This week at St. Stephen’s–January 05, 2015


Jan 05One of the deep privileges of life in a faith community is the support we offer one another through difficult times. When the vulnerability of one who is suffering is met by the sincere care of the community it feels like “holy ground” and we are all transformed.

As we continue to pray for those who are sick, or troubled by life’s circumstances, or bereaved, in coming weeks we will be adding to our prayer list our Assistant Curate Clara King. Two years ago Clara broke her leg in a skiing accident. But the healing was sporadic and in the end incomplete. So this week she will be undergoing surgery to have a bone graft. This will mean at least a month of convalescence and physiotherapy during which time we will be upholding her in our prayers.

This is one of those instances that serves to remind us that in the Body of Christ we are all “ministers”, a fact that is underlined in the Anglican Church by referring to our clergy according to their designated callings as deacons, priests and bishops instead of the generic term “minister”. Ministry flows in all directions among the baptized, including the care we give to our caregivers … in this case Clara.

At St. Stephen’s we maintain two prayer lists: a confidential Prayer Chain and our public Sunday Prayers for Those in Need. Contact the clergy to add names to the Prayer Chain; or the office to add names to our Sunday Prayers.