This Week at St. Stephen’s–April 06, 2014


APR 06Throughout the Lenten season we have been studying Bob Purdy’s book, “Without Guarantee: In Search of a Vulnerable God”. If God is love, Bob asks, can God also be powerful? Does not love mean life-giving, merciful, compassion? Does not power imply domination? Can love and power ever be used together?

We considered all religious language as metaphorical, that is, describing that which is essentially elusive by way of comparisons. So while we cannot describe God literally, as we would an object, we can say God is like a loving parent, or like a rushing wind. Every time we do, we choose an image that fits our experience. Likewise, we can always choose new images that better fit our experience … which is exactly what Bob is encouraging us to do.

God is love, Bob reminds us, meaning that God chooses to serve the world rather than dominate it. Any language that implies that God wants to intimidate us, harm us, manipulate us, or interfere with us … this language must change to reflect the deeper truth of God’s compassion.

But what would this mean for the church? What would a church look like that believed in the radical nature of its own message? How does one pray to a “vulnerable” God? How do we preach this God to ourselves and reveal this God to the world?

This will be the topic for our closing session this Tuesday at 7:30. Everyone is invited to join us as we re-imagine God’s church!

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