This Week at St. Stephen’s–May 25, 2014


May 25With the lovely weather these days, we start looking forward to the glorious months of summer ahead, and again this summer, we’ll be winding down activities at St. Stephen’s. Normally, we follow the civic calendar for when we begin winding down, but Easter was very late this year and so the liturgical calendar is giving us reasons to do things a bit differently.

Because Easter was so late, Pentecost is late too, falling on June 8, and the Sunday following Pentecost is Trinity Sunday (June 15). That means that there’s only two Sundays in the gap between Trinity and the Stampede Service. If we did things for the 10:30 service as we usually do, that would mean 5 different worship templates over 7 weeks, and that’s just too much! The thing about Anglicans is we like to establish a little routine, a little repetition, so we can take some things for granted in the worship services (which is relaxing) and yet we still get some new material every week (which keeps things interesting).

As a result, this year, we’re going to start our Summer Lite services on June 22, and the service will be very similar to previous years. But there will be one particular change to the 10:30 service to see if we can make it more family-friendly: we’re going to try it without a period of silence. We’ll give this a try for this summer and see how it goes. Start Up Sunday will be September 7.

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