This Week at St. Stephen’s–June 01, 2014


June 1When we moved back into our Sanctuary, our motto was, “we’ll figure it out!” Well, seven months later, there’s several groups of people who continue to work quietly behind the scenes, helping us figure it out as we go along.

The folks on the Chair Team (aka: “Cardio for Christ”!) give us an incredible gift every Sunday, reliably showing up sometime after 9:00 and arranging our worship space. Their quiet attention to symmetry, straightness and the curve of the rows really beautifies our Sanctuary, and we are hugely thankful for this ministry of welcome.

The folks on the Tech Team are at work all the way through the service, in a way most of us never notice: subtly changing the light to match the movement of worship, monitoring sound quality and volume, adjusting the microphones for different voices, and the height of different speakers. There’s a lot to learn about our tech systems (and a lot more still to learn), and we are so grateful to them for their ongoing June 1alearning and service.

We also want to say thank you to the Coffee Time volunteers and the Sides People for their flexibility in adjusting their roles to match our new space. And a huge thanks to the staff in the office, Lynn and Beverley, for their hard work and endless problem-solving capabilities. We continue figuring it out, and thank you to everyone for journeying with us as we do!


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