This Week at St. Stephen’s–September 07, 2014

Sept 07We’re back! The Rector has returned from his sabbatical, summer travellers from their travels, and families from their vacations. In the coming weeks Parish Council will take up its vision quest, the choir will re-gather for another season, and all our volunteers and working groups will pick up where they left off in the spring.

This is a time to reconsider our investment in St. Stephen’s—in its worship and its programs, in its many ministries and in its ongoing financial support. The building and property have done their work while many of us have been away, as concerts and weddings have taken place here and as our community garden and lending library have taken off, earning a featured spot on CBC Television News. But now it is time for each one of us to consider what our own participation will look like in the coming year.

At our “Start-up” service on September 7, which we celebrate as St. Stephen’s Day, information booths representing many of our parish activities will help us re-engage in church life. The Rector will begin a three-week preaching series titled, “What I learned on My Summer Vacation,” sharing with us his reflections on Church, Soul and the Next Five Years. This will provide further inspiration for our future direction.

But then it’s up to you. Where is God calling you this year? Is this a time to re-charge your spiritual batteries, or a time to flex your spiritual muscles? Come along and we’ll find out!

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