This Week at St. Stephen’s–November 2, 2014

Gathering of Saints-690x832Our attention is drawn this week to our heroes of the faith. On All Saints’ Day we remember that “great cloud of witnesses” who have gone before us to clear a path and set an example. We are inspired particularly by Stephen, whose name we bear and whose patronage we seek, the church’s first deacon and martyr. His deeds were as powerful as his words in giving witness to a God who loves unconditionally, even in the face of persecution.

On All Souls’ Day we recall all those “souls” who have died during our lifetime. If we had a churchyard we would likely process out among the headstones and give thanks to God for the legacy they have left us. We think, for instance, of Bob Rhodes whose love for St. Stephen’s and whose leadership are legendary and remain inspirational. We think as well of Zelda Yeoman whose compassionate heart touched so many. And there are many others!

While we do not have a churchyard, we have a memorial garden, though it remains a little known treasure to our own members and a complete mystery to the wider community. In the coming year might we consider giving the garden the attention it deserves? We have a small crew that tends the garden. But does it now require some new design elements to set it apart—with benches for resting and signage for identification? As we honour our heroes of the faith, let us make them proud in our own day.

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