This Week at St. Stephen’s–November 30, 2014


Nov 30We have now been in our renovated worship space for a full year. It has been a year of challenges as we have adjusted to the quirks and demands of the new space—like setting up and taking down the chairs, finding the right mix for the new sound system and theatre lighting, and figuring out how best to offer our space to the surrounding community.

But it has also been a thrilling time, as we have discovered all the things our new space can do—like accommodating everything from orchestra concerts to art shows, while still providing diverse arrangements for our worship, from our weekly Sunday Eucharists to special one-off services like Maundy Thursday (where we all gathered around a single table).

The new space, with its brightness and its flexible utility, now showcases the possible. At the same time, it shows up the older parts of our building, like the Canterbury Room and the Lower Memorial Hall. These are the parts of the building people see during the week, especially those from the wider community who rent our space.

So in the months to come we will begin a needs assessment of what we are calling the Centre Block—the former education wing that now houses our administrative offices. What are its present uses, and how might it offer the same range of activities as our worship space? How might our offices be more welcoming? How might the Canterbury Room become an attractive mid-week gathering place? Your thoughts?

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