This Week at St. Stephen’s–May 24, 2015


May 24Traditionally, we Christians have been called the “Church Militant”, meaning all the faithful living on the earth. Those who’ve gone before us, who now dwell with God in heaven, have been known as the “Church Triumphant”. These are lofty terms from a more confident time in the church’s history.

More recently we have witnessed what we might call the “Church Hesitant”, that is, fearful Christians painfully watching the old outward forms of faith fading away. But look up and get ready, because God is doing a new thing. It might be called … the “Church Emergent”.

Even while mainline Christian denominations watch their numbers fall, their beloved buildings close, and their influence in the world wane, the church is being reborn, and a restless diaspora of sensitive souls is faithfully watching and waiting for its new form to take shape.

We at St. Stephen’s have been blessed by the arrival of such Christian seekers into our midst. They have come from Roman Catholic, evangelical, and mainline backgrounds. Many have been disappointed by their former church experience, and some have been hurt by it. But they have joined us with a hope that something new is in fact emerging—and that perhaps it is emerging here!

So on Sunday evening, June 14, at 7:30, we will be offering you an opportunity to gather for informal worship to consider together how and where God is calling the church forward. It isn’t “Kingdom Come” exactly … but we are expectant. Please join us!

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