This Week at St. Stephen’s–September 13, 2015


This week marks the return of our vacationing exiles, those who have been travelling near or far, breaking free from their routines, seeking nourishment under the summer sun. Understandably we are glad to regroup, catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and prepare for a new season of Christian life together.

But recently our attention has been grabbed by the plight of real exiles—refugees whose desperate flights have been caught on camera and by news agencies, and spread through social media. There are now 50 million displaced persons worldwide, languishing in refugee camps, some now seeing third and fourth generations being born and raised within the stultifying confines of their virtual imprisonment.

This year, in the wake of civil war and sectarian violence in Syria, and crushing poverty in Northern Africa, more than 330,000 migrants have risked a perilous journey across the Mediterranean to seek asylum in Europe. Many have died, and those who survive discover their new reality to be, not a job and a new start, but the overcrowded conditions of a refugee camp.

So as we gather for a new year of Christian growth and witness we do so with the world pounding at our doors calling out for help. Several church members are exploring the possibilities of refugee sponsorship. Others are researching refugee relief through international aid agencies. Until we have a coordinating group to monitor and communicate our efforts, if interested, please speak to one of our clergy.

Welcome back—the world awaits!

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