This Week: May 29th 2016

Picture10 It is sometimes said of our youth that they are the church of tomorrow. The saying implies that they are our insurance policy that the church will still be here a generation from now. But whatever our young people may be in the future, they are also the church of today—baptized, engaged, participating, inspiring the rest of us (as they did on Pentecost Sunday) by their energy and their zeal.

At St. Stephen’s we currently have a new “crop” of pre-teens soon to enter the dead zone of church attendance. Inevitably many will drift away as other interests compete for their time and attention. We have an opportunity before that happens to fill up their backpacks with resources they will need along the way—resources designed to equip them for an adult faith.

Picture11On Sunday evening, June 12, Charmaine Evans, currently the family and youth minister at Christ Church, Elbow Park, will meet with our young people—those who will be 12 years old or older in the coming year—and with their parents to talk about a youth program for 2016/17. If the interest is sufficient we will hire Charmaine to run a pre-Confirmation youth program beginning in September.

Unquestionably, parents are the most effective teachers of faith for their own children, young people learning by example what a life of faith looks like. But the church can support that learning with programs designed to engage our youth directly. We are excited by this possibility for St. Stephen’s.

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