This Week at St. Stephen’s: October 30th 2016

thisweekSince the early 1900’s the people of St. Stephen’s have met here to worship God and witness to Christ’s love for the world. We are enriched and enlivened by the diversity of our community. It is a place where faith is nurtured and we welcome people of all ages, races, backgrounds and sexual orientations. The performing and visual arts find a home here. It is a safe, welcoming and positive place.

In addition we welcome our local Community for meetings, events, youth programs, fitness, yoga and continuing education programs. School children learn about our Community outreach and walk the labyrinth. We offer opportunities to meditate, pray and find peace by walking our Labyrinth. We are building partnerships with the City and Beltline Residents to provide the Community Gardens and the Library book box.
The Memorial Hall plays host to 12 young artists pursuing a variety of disciplines and provides a home for Cantaré Children’s Choir.
In our newly renovated Sanctuary we host a wide variety of events including instrumental groups. choirs, art shows, speaker series and workshops. We encourage you to take the opportunity to attend some of these excellent events.

For the past few weeks my husband and I have personally experienced the welcome that St. Stephen’s offers – we feel truly blessed to be wrapped in a blanket of welcoming warmth and spiritual refreshment. We are extremely grateful.
God of Mercy, God of Love – Make this Church a Welcome Place! May It Continue to be so.

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