This Week at St. Stephen’s: “Summer Season” [July 1st, 2018]

With today’s Canada Day worship service we enter the summer season, and with next week’s outdoor Stampede breakfast and worship service we will have settled right in! Brevity and informality are the order of the day, with worship designed to give focus and shape to our summer plans, yet without taking a bite out of those plans! We call it Summer Lite.

Throughout July and August we will worship in the round, a more intimate arrangement for our smaller summer congregations. The service itself will be shortened, by omitting all but the Gospel Reading for the day, and the preaching will be a brief reflection on that reading rather than a full sermon. Nursery will be provided every week and older children will be welcome to
join us in church.

Come Labour Day weekend we will still be in Summer Lite mode, but many of our members will want to be marching in Sunday’s Pride Parade. So for those folks we suggest that you worship early, at our 8 a.m. service, or simply worship while you walk! You will be sustained by the thoughts and prayers of those who are in church that day.

Start-up Sunday will arrive the following week—September 9th. We will return to our usual Sunday worship format, and the fall season will be underway. So enjoy all your summer plans, worship with us when you can, and please do not neglect your financial support, as the summer months can be lean in churchland. Happy summer!

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