This Week: Preparation [Sept 16th, 2018]

With the beginning of this new program season, we begin our preparations for the retirement of Brian our Rector in the new year, and the changes that event will bring to our parish. Clergy come and go like the weather, but congregations carry on, strengthened by each new incarnation of themselves through transitions such as this.

Here are some of the things we are doing to prepare ourselves:

  • A selection committee has been struck, chaired by Anne Brown and advised by Barry Foster, to begin the search process for a new incumbent.
  • A worship committee has been formed to guide our worship through the interim period following Brian’s retirement, to ensure its continuity.
  • Pastoral Visitors are being trained and supported to care for the sick, elderly, and shut-in.
  • All parish programs—from the meditation group to the nursery—are being overseen by Charmaine our deacon.
  • Similarly, all parish outreach—from our Blue Envelope projects to requests from social service agencies—are being attended to by Charmaine and the members of our administrative staff.
  • The Open Doors team will continue its work to find a way of redeveloping our property to create both a new revenue stream, to support parish life and work, and also new community outreach possibilities.

Change is never easy, and it is rarely welcome. But this change gives us the opportunity to redefine and to strengthen our church for the new future to which God is calling us. We are not bracing ourselves: we are preparing ourselves.

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