This Week: Midtown Mosaic [Sept 29th, 2018]

Midtown Mosaic. Sure, it’s an art sale. With twenty local artists displaying their wares, there will be art to hang on your wall, art to hang from your ears, and art to give away at Christmas. The buyer doesn’t choose the art; the art chooses the buyer.

Sure, it’s also a fundraiser. With a silent auction featuring everything from Flames games to the stage lights of Vertigo Theatre to the romantic candle glow of La Chaumiere, from wine baskets to hairdos, and a raffle that will take you anywhere WestJet flies, all proceeds will support Kids Cancer Care, The Calgary Distress Centre and the Rector’s Discretionary Fund.

Sure, it’s a weekend of entertainment, with a wine and cheese reception, the catchy melodies of St. Stephen’s choir, and the smooth sounds of the Triptychs. It’s a day and a half of browsing and mingling.

But more than all that, it is a community gathering, a way to welcome our neighbours into our church home and extend to them
St. Stephens’s’ legendary hospitality. Join us, wear an “ASK ME” button (if you choose) and become one of our many unofficial hosts, providing our guests with a friendly face.

Midtown Mosaic has become one of the flagship events of the year. Don’t miss it—as a patron or as a host, or as both! It is our way of breaking down the walls that divide and building bridges of friendship. Friday, October 12, 6– 9:30 pm; Saturday, October 13, 10 am – 3 pm.

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