This Week: Jeff and Maureen Jones [Oct 13th, 2018]

It would seem that God is preparing us for a new chapter in the life of our parish, one that we cannot yet fully imagine. It begins with Brian’s retirement in March, 2019, but it is anticipated now by the announcement that Jeff and Maureen Jones will be leaving us in mid-November to take up new work and a new life in Ontario.

Jeff and Maureen have contributed more to the life and character of St. Stephen’s these last thirteen years than we could easily measure! Jeff’s musical leadership has provided a dynamic rallying point for our congregation in his work with the choir, whose sense of fun rivals its devotion to the music itself. The music program—with its rich blend of the modern and traditional—has become a hallmark of our lively Sunday worship.

2016 Carol Service

Maureen has gifted us with her dramatic flare and masterful storytelling sensibilities. We first witnessed this in the Radio Nights series, dramatic readings of plays performed live in our sanctuary. And every year we were transported by her readings in church, most memorably at the Carol Service and the Good Friday Reading of the Passion.

But their sons, Simon and Hugh, are both setting courses that lead them east, and it seemed to Jeff and Maureen that this was a sign that the family was itself relocating. So Jeff is taking a new assignment in Hamilton with RBC and Maureen is finding her place in Toronto, the hub of our country’s professional voicing work.

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