This Week: Administrative Staff and Volunteers [Feb 2nd, 2019]

What is the glue that binds together a diverse parish church like St. Stephen’s through a time of transition, like the one we are facing? How do bills get paid, repairs carried out, finances managed? What holds us together? That would be our administrative staff and volunteers.

 Lynn McKeown, our Parish Administrator, oversees the complex comings and goings of daily life around the church, including the management of our rental groups, the collection of rents from our tenants, and the many details that require constant attention, such as caretaking, grounds keeping, insurance, and financial accounts. She also provides administrative support to the clergy and churchwardens.

Beverley Senko is our Administrative Assistant and she focuses on the administration of the congregation itself, including the maintenance of the Parish List and preparation of the Sunday bulletin with its many components, from worship to announcements.

Jack Walker is our treasurer who helps set the annual budget and then attends to our cash flow throughout the year. He is assisted by Janis Fenwick, our bookkeeper, Jean Springer and Joan Preece, our envelope secretaries, and Peter Nettleton, who assists Janis with the weekly bank deposit. And supporting all of them are our greeters who count the Sunday offerings.

This represents a small army of willing and dedicated workers who safeguard the structures that support our church life. St. Stephen’s is an active and busy place. But life goes on, even during times of transition, thanks to those administrators who work so faithfully behind the scenes.

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