Renovation Corner: May 26 2013

Well, if there was any doubt that we are in renovation mode, we have only to try to park off the alley or enter the church to make believers of us! The hole has now been dug in the back in preparation for the elevator shaft. It will be built to provide entry on all […]

Pew Sale

Everything must go. Oak pews 3 – 8 feet, $450 – $750. Spice (book) racks, benches, kneelers, oak screens … even the pulpit! Saturday, May 25, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Call 403-244-4879 for more information    


By God’s grace, your generosity, and a lot of help from friends in high places … WE DID IT!  We are proud, pleased … and relieved … to announce the launch of:   “LAYING THE FOUNDATIONS” an ambitious renovation project that will make our church facilities accessible, flexible and welcoming … for us and for […]

This Week at St. Stephen’s–March 10, 2013

RENOVATION BUDGET We are in campaign mode once again. But not for long. The bids have come in for the renovations we have been planning for the spring. Given our funds at hand—a combination of donations to our Open Doors Campaign and a government grant—plus the pledges still coming in from the campaign, we find […]

This Week at St. Stephen’s–February 24, 2013

RENOVATIONS AT ST. STEPHEN’S This week (though not in time for this writing) we will have received the contract bids for our renovation work. By next week we will likely be back in campaign mode, approaching the parish once again for its financial support, and cutting back on the overall scope of the project. We […]

REPORT OF BRAG (Building Redevelopment Action Group)

The Building Redevelopment Action Group (“BRAG”) members have continued to work diligently throughout the past year towards ensuring a Spring 2013 start for the Open Doors renovations.  Considerable time has been spent working with Sturgess Architecture in order to finalize the many details involved in the architectural drawings and the construction work specifications for the […]

This Week at St. Stephen’s–May 20, 2012 / BRAG UPDATE

BRAG UPDATE Far be it from anyone to suggest that BRAG (our Building Renewal Action Group) is dragging its feet! There cannot be a harder working, more dedicated group of church volunteers anywhere! But people are asking when our long-awaited renovations will begin; and the answer is: not yet. The problem is not with efforts […]

BRAGGING: Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Update from the Building Renewal Action Group Well, suddenly things are moving very fast toward the renovation of our church buildings! Members of BRAG have made an application and a presentation to CADA (Calgary Arts Development Association). The application is for $795,000 toward the creation of “incubation” art space, that is, public space that […]