This Week at St. Stephen’s: “NeST” [May 6th, 2018]

We are coming to the end of the year of our official sponsorship of the Al Jbawi family, refugees from the civil war in Syria. Along with members from St. Paul’s Church and the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer, our coordinating committee (the Newcomer Settlement Team, or NeST) has helped the family find housing and […]

Newcomer Support Team (NeST) Update for Dec 2017

The refugee family we are sponsoring has now experienced a taste of Canadian winter! Walking on ice is taking some adjustment but they remain positive and open to new experiences. They really enjoyed attending their first live hockey game as part of a birthday celebration last month. We hope to plan skating, tobogganing and cross-country […]

NeST Update

Life continues to be busy for this newcomer family on many fronts, especially now that everyone has started school full time. Managing four kids in four different schools in addition to the parents’ own full time ELL education has been a challenge but one they have risen to with their usual determined good spirits. In-home […]

“NeST: Update Sept 1st 2017”

The Al Jbawi family are doing well in settling into their new life in Calgary. The parents are already in the LINC program (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada), learning English everyday. The children are all registered and excited to start school in this month, with some excellent extra language support in place. NeST Volunteers […]

NeST: Update July 27th 2017

“Khalil and Kholoud very graciously hosted an Open House last Sunday for the volunteers assisting them in settling into Calgary. They know that the people they have met so far represent a wider community of support and friendship and they wanted to express their gratitude to everyone, including the volunteers they have yet to meet. […]

NeST Update

We don’t have an arrival date yet BUT on Thanksgiving Sunday, Fransis of our Translation Team was able to contact the father of the Syrian family we are sponsoring and have a brief telephone conversation. This is our first direct contact with the family. The father, Khalil, said that he and his family are ok […]

NeST Update

NeST (Newcomer Support Team) continues to prepare as we await word on an arrival date for the Syrian refugee family of 6 we are sponsoring, currently waiting in Jordan. About 51 NeST volunteers met for an Orientation Session at St. Stephen’s on Sept 18 and heard an update on each Team’s activities and preparations to […]

This Week at St. Stephen’s: May 22nd 2016

All our patience and preparation have paid off. Sometime in the coming months, a Syrian family will be arriving via Amman, Jordan , to begin a new life here in Canada. Together with St. Paul’s Anglican Church and the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer, we are their sponsors and we will become their support while […]

NEST: Waiting is the hardest part

What’s the most frustrating aspect in waiting to find a refugee family to take under our wings in Calgary? Waiting. On three occasions NeST,  the committee made up of members from the Calgary parishes of St. Stephen’s, St. Paul’s and the Cathedral, have bid for families on Ottawa’s approved list of Syrian refugees and on […]

NEST: When are we getting a family?

We don’t know. Which means, in a very small way, we are living an uncertain future alongside the people we are hoping to welcome to safety and new life here. We are ready and the need is great, but keeping up with – and waiting on — changes in federal government programs, focus, and procedures […]